Enter the world of Final Darkness…

Calgary, AB, Canada based Dark Brand Records recruited me for a new website as owner Dave wanted to put more time into supporting and promoting metal bands again. Soon after he decided to concentrate on the new project of the very talented Rob Doherty, Final Darkness, and I was asked to design a website for them instead. Small world, because I was already friends with Rob as he used to be in Into Eternity and lives here in Regina! So I was very happy to be able to make a new web presence for this amazing new band! The dark artwork was done by artist Carlos Ferreira, the site is set up as a content management system with news updates in the middle and two sidebars, menu on top – plus an extra installation (with the same design) of Zenphoto for a photo gallery. Dave took care of the domain name registration and web host account himself.

Final Darkness


Brainstorm – new site for “On The Spur Of The Moment”!

My homies of Brainstorm needed a new site design for their new album “On The Spur Of The Moment” and wanted to use this blue-ish photo of the paint box they did a photo shoot in, so for the first time the design is not entirely based on the album cover. For this version, the band also wanted a background music file to start when visiting the page, and it had to play continuously. Now this was a challenge, because in a content management system like this, each page you switch to reloads the whole thing, incl. an embedded player. The only way around that was to wrap the page in an old fashioned frame set, one small frame with a player and the other holding the website (when you surf on the website, you only reload pages in that particular frame). The downside is that search engines only seem to find this frame set now and don’t index all the website contents anymore.

Brainstorm - On The Spur Of The Moment


Into Eternity – new songs, new site!

My friends of Into Eternity recorded some new songs and released the first one, “Sandstorm” in iTunes (an album will follow later). Mattias NorΓ©n made new artwork, which I used for a new site design. I LOVE working with artwork from my favourite CD cover artist!! The site itself is kept pretty simple, it was already set up in a content management system.

Into Eternity - Sandstorm


The Ben Winoski Project

Ben Winoski is a Regina, SK, Canada based guitarist with many talents. After the Winoski & Horn website, Ben wanted me to create a web presence for The Ben Winoski Project as well. He is playing many gigs with his Latin instrumental music ensemble and as he gets more and more corporate clients, he wanted a cleaner look. So we again installed a WordPress site with a few plugins, like a gig calendar, and this time with light colours and a clean look. But without it getting boring πŸ˜‰


New site!

After fiddling around with Joomla for a week and getting very very frustrated, I’m back to my beloved WordPress…. now I can finally build a site here and know what I’m doing πŸ˜‰

So, bear with me just a bit longer, but soon you’ll be able to read all about my webdesign, webhosting and artwork. And my portfolio too πŸ™‚