Been busy making cloth masks!

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sewing cloth masks

When it became more and more clear in the COVID-19 pandemic that our homemade masks can make a difference in preventing spread of the virus, I decided to give this a try. I am no professional seamstress, but I know my way around a basic sewing machine and have had plans for years to sew some crafty items to sell, like denim bags and things like that. But who knew that I would start with masks?!

I dove into the various recommendations and patterns for homemade cloth face masks. I asked several people who were making them or had scientific insight for advice and watched numerous online how-to videos. With some trial and error (read: improvements) I ended up with what I feel is the perfect mask: pleaded model for more space, breathability and fabric surface, sewn in nose piece which I find is a must if you wear glasses, and adjustable loops. One size truly fits almost all! Tested on big heads as well as children! I have 6 year olds wearing these, but I have also made slightly smaller ones (1 to 1.5″ smaller than the standard 7-8″) for a 3 year old and other 6 year olds.

2E – a new business website!

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2E Business Advisory Services

Business websites are a bit of a challenge for me, as I like to use colour and find many business sites so cookie cutter and bland. But it is also what many businesses want!

When I was looking for ideas for Regina based business advisor Derrick B Thue, I didn’t have to look any further when I saw one of the demos in the “design cloud” of the X theme. It was for a lawyer, so the content was easy to adapt to a business advisor and the look was perfect in my eyes! Of course I did change some things to make it ours, but it still has the colours, typography and the overlapping blocks. – On The Prairie and Beyond

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Before I start with the blogs of our recent Europe trip and more, I needed to update the look and functionality of our forever blog, We gave it a new subtitle to hopefully explain that it’s about our prairie lives and also our travels elsewhere.. and anything else I would like to show you 🙂

And, it’s bilingual: English and Dutch!

New look for Feel The Fire!

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Feel The Fire Studio, screenshot 2019

The website you’re on right now… for my web design business and crafts ? After re-using some old Morrigan’s Pit (former webzine) elements for a while, like the purple colour and the mascotte Morrigan, I needed a cleaner look.

I adjusted the name (now using Studio at the end), designed a new logo and made a new website with a premium WordPress theme, the X theme by Themeco. After some testing with new landing pages and hero images, I felt they all took away from the clean colour scheme of the logo bar and I deliberately left the blog posts as my entry page.

Hope you like it! 🙂

Phoenix Residential Society – New Website!

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Phoenix Residential Society, screenshot website edition 2019

This was not just an update, this was a whole new website! They wanted a more modern and fresh look, so I started working with one the best premium themes for WordPress, the X Theme by Themeco. The options are endless, it is responsive (so it will look good on any device) and I plan to keep working with this theme!

They wanted a slider at the top of the first page and a full width design.

A New Dawn!

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Good morning from my temp office in the living room while my home office is under construction! It’s been a while as my office job kept me busier than I wanted, after 11+ years of being a casual, organizational changes sort of forced me to go full time. Well hey, I had to try, right? I loved the work, but had no energy outside of it and my creative soul was hurting. I left the job in August and have been working on a few exiting things since! I just launched another client site and I am revamping my own here. I will also revive our blog to start blogging again and I figured a good way to start is by documenting our upcoming trip to Europe in a few days! Talk soon!