A New Dawn!

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Good morning from my temp office in the living room while my home office is under construction! It’s been a while as my office job kept me busier than I wanted, after 11+ years of being a casual, organizational changes sort of forced me to go full time. Well hey, I had to try, right? I loved the work, but had no energy outside of it and my creative soul was hurting. I left the job in August and have been working on a few exiting things since! I just launched another client site and I am revamping my own here. I will also revive our wobben.org blog to start blogging again and I figured a good way to start is by documenting our upcoming trip to Europe in a few days! Talk soon!

Get Your Valentine’s Critten!

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Happy New Year! After a break over the holidays, I started to make crittens again. We’re only a month away from Valentine’s Day, so I made a batch of adorable Valentine’s crittens – grey with cute red hearts and a bow! WHO WANTS ONE?! Of course I still have and make all the regular crittens too! $15 (includes taxes and $1 for the Regina Cat Rescue)!


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My crittens are keeping me superbusy!! No time for updating my page just yet, crittens come first as they make great gifts for all cat-loving ages! I’m working on orders and have a few that are ready for adoption 😍 Like these two tuxedos that were adopted by my friend Janet πŸ™‚ #crittens are $15 each, which includes taxes and $1 for the Regina Cat Rescue!🐈❀ #reginacatrescue

Exciting news!

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Things are going to change around here!!

In recent years I’ve been working hard behind the scenes. Besides working with clients, I spent many months moving my sites to a new web host and doing any updates where needed (made our whole personal blog bilingual, for one).

And the last few months I’ve been working on something really exciting: expanding this business… with a crafts store! My whole life I’ve been creative in various ways. Crocheting, knitting, drawing, painting, printing, digital artwork, web design etc. I’ve always dreamed of having my own store with my handmade items and now I’m finally doing it! These days it’s mainly crocheting and drawing/painting that I do and it’s only natural to me that I make this part of Feel The Fire. All my creativity under one roof! I will have way more fun stuff to post about πŸ™‚ It will be part of this website and in the new year I intend to create a shop for it, for now I will be selling some items through my Facebook page. Of course you can contact me here as well!

Cozy Corner Suites – vacation rental in Manitou Beach!

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I was excited to make a site for another vacation rental, and one in a town I love, to boot! Manitou Beach is a cute resort town at the shore of Little Manitou Lake, the famous lake with water so salt you can float and so healing people come from far to the famous spa in town! Carma and Willy, who live here in Regina, own a vacation rental just blocks from the spa and our mutual friend Char sent them my way for the creation of a website! This WordPress site with a responsive (= mobile friendly) theme has a simple header (just the logo and phone), but a big photo slider on the front page.

Cozy Corner Suites