About Marlies Wobben

marlies2016I was born a good five decades ago in the Netherlands and lived there until I was 44. I worked mostly administrative jobs, had cats all my adult life, went to metal concerts and married my soulmate Nico in 1996. We moved to Canada in 2008, where we settled in Regina on the prairies of Saskatchewan! We have a beautiful family with 7 wonderful kitties! In the summer we are addicted to camping, esp. in our beautiful provincial parks, and we take all our cats in our motorhome!

I’ve always had the need to be creative and I had different outlets for that, from drawing to knitting and crocheting to printing t-shirts.. until we got internet in 1998! I immediately started to make websites! I taught myself HTML and CSS, work with Photoshop and over the years my knowledge grew with each site. Since 2007 I specialize in WordPress. I’ve made sites for musicians, small businesses, organizations, vacation rentals and personal blogs. It’s been a rewarding hobby for many years, but in 2011 I registered Feel The Fire Pages as a business in Saskatchewan. I still combine it with my part-time office job though! Best of both worlds 🙂

In 2017 I added a crafts store to sell my handmade items – so far I’ve focussed on crittens (crocheted kittens)! I also crochet other items and do some painting and drawing if I ever find the time for it!