2E Business Advisory Services website

2E Business Advisory Services

A new website for business advisor Derrick B Thue in Regina. He was part of several websites for advisors, but wanted to end up with only LinkedIn and his own website. He has a web hosting account with managed WordPress hosting. We made a website with the X Theme, I have to say I can’t take all the credit for … Read More

Feel The Fire Studio

Feel The Fire Studio, screenshot 2019

The website you’re on right now… for my web design business and crafts ? After re-using some old Morrigan’s Pit (former webzine) elements for a while, like the purple colour and the mascotte Morrigan, I needed a cleaner look. I adjusted the name (now using Studio at the end), designed a new logo and made a new website with a … Read More

Smeets Adviesbureau website

Smeets Adviesbureau

This is a site for a Dutch spiritual advisor, who wanted to have his info, but also several articles on his site. The site is done in HTML and some php, and has an (old fashioned) embedded player for background music that can be turned off. As this is a Dutch client, I’ve helped him set up a hosting account … Read More