Band Of Brothers website

Band Of Brothers

When two of our best friends, two brothers in their 30s, died of cancer 7 weeks apart, my friend Sandra and I made this site as a tribute and a gift to their family. I chose a very very basic design in HTML pages and an embedded Plogger gallery. The name Band Of Brothers was used in an article about … Read More

Smeets Adviesbureau website

Smeets Adviesbureau

This is a site for a Dutch spiritual advisor, who wanted to have his info, but also several articles on his site. The site is done in HTML and some php, and has an (old fashioned) embedded player for background music that can be turned off. As this is a Dutch client, I’ve helped him set up a hosting account … Read More

Vakantiewoning Bastings – Groneschild website

This is a site for a vacation rental, a picturesque cottage in the hilly most southern tip of the Netherlands. They wanted a brochure website with some info pages, a very small photo page, an availability calendar script and a pricing site. As this is one of my older pages (since 2004!) it’s made in HTML with frames and the … Read More

Nico’s PhotoPit website

Nico's PhotoPit

This website is for my husband Nico’s concert photography. It hasn’t been updated in a while, since we moved to Canada he has made less concert pics. But we are planning to set up a new site, for the concert pics but also cool shots from our travels. This old page is still in HTML (also the albums) and frames.