Christmas work and wishes!

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Christmas sure will be different for most people this year! For us the biggest difference will be that we’re both home – other years Nico was almost always working and it was a day of me-time for me. And dinner with friends, which of course is not happening this Covid-year. So this year we’ll be having our own romantic dinner 🙂

As for this whole december month… aside from watching as many Christmas movies as I can, I am putting my new Cricut to good use by making a lot of star lanterns with thick cardstock! I fell in love with these years ago on German Christmas markets! So I was thrilled to see a pattern for these on the fantastic website. I adapted the pattern slightly as I’m gluing in battery operated LED lights. I had no idea what Regina would think of these, but at the introduction price of $20 each, they are flying off the shelf! Yay!

Merry Christmas, stay safe and see you in the new year!

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