Into Eternity masks!

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I haven’t updated you much on what I’ve been working on lately! I will do that soon, promise. But for now I want to show you the masks I worked on this past week. Yes masks! I wasn’t selling any homemade masks anymore, but now that my friends of Into Eternity are starting to perform again, we decided to see … Read More

Vinyl Storage DIY

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craft vinyl storage

When you buy a cutting machine like a Cricut, you’re not only forking out hundreds of dollars for the machine, but adding tools, mats and vinyl will also easily cost you an extra few hundreds. And then you need materials and blanks to unleash your crafts on to make something pretty to sell! The infamous vortex or rabbithole…. If you … Read More

Home decor signs

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reversed wooden panel sign

Who doesn’t love a more or less rustic looking sign with a funny or to the point saying on it in a nice font? They are popular and fun to make! Reversed Canvas I’m currently trying out several techniques and materials for home decor signs. One technique is called “reversed canvas”. You take the canvas off the frame it’s attached … Read More

Valentine’s and other craft plans

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quilt and denim pillow

Of course sales quiet down after Christmas, people usually have less to spend and aside from birthdays, no huge events to buy gifts or home decor for. But, there are smaller holidays that are fun enough to acknowledge, buy little gifts for or add home decorations for! Valentine’s Day The first in the new year was Valentine’s Day. Although my … Read More

Christmas work and wishes!

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Christmas sure will be different for most people this year! For us the biggest difference will be that we’re both home – other years Nico was almost always working and it was a day of me-time for me. And dinner with friends, which of course is not happening this Covid-year. So this year we’ll be having our own romantic dinner … Read More


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Cricut Maker with starting bundle

I’m excited about some investments I’ve made for the business! After eyeing the expensive Cricut cutting machines (for vinyl decals, stencils, paper crafts etc.) for years, I finally took the plunge when Costco was selling the best Cricut, a Maker, with a starter bundle of materials. I went down the Cricut-rabbithole and purchased a bunch more tools and materials. I’m … Read More