Into Eternity masks!

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I haven’t updated you much on what I’ve been working on lately! I will do that soon, promise. But for now I want to show you the masks I worked on this past week. Yes masks! I wasn’t selling any homemade masks anymore, but now that my friends of Into Eternity are starting to perform again, we decided to see if fans would still appreciate some extra masks as band merch! Today they are headlining the Loud As Hell festival in Drumheller, Alberta!

So if you came here because you bought a mask and looked up the URL on the back… welcome!

I just want to let you know that your mask can be machine-washed, although I prefer to do a quick hand-wash with my own masks. I put them in hot water with some dish soap for half an hour, then I rinse them, squeeze the water out (leaving the nose piece in shape usually) and hang them to dry over the sink. They are always dry the next day at the latest.

When machine-washed, they are quite wrinkly and would need to be ironed. This is fine, BUT!!… do NOT iron directly on the vinyl decals that are on both sides!! It will melt to your iron. Put a piece of parchment paper or a thin piece of cloth over them first. Your mask has a nose piece that usually last quite a while, esp. when you try not to bend it back and forth too often. If it breaks, you can cut some of the thread around it, replace it with a nose piece of your choice and sew it back up. You can also make a small slit on the back, on the short side of the piece and within the thread lines. You can just leave it that way to take out/put in nose pieces as you please. There is also a pocket on the back side (near the top) for an optional filter. Lastly, the earloops are adjustable by sliding the knots. They can also be tied differently if you’d prefer. Although the masks may differ slightly in size, they fit most kids (about 6 and up) and adults!

Stay safe and metal on! \m/

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