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reversed wooden panel sign

Who doesn’t love a more or less rustic looking sign with a funny or to the point saying on it in a nice font? They are popular and fun to make!

Reversed Canvas

I’m currently trying out several techniques and materials for home decor signs. One technique is called “reversed canvas”. You take the canvas off the frame it’s attached to, paint the framed and if you want, the canvas, decorate the canvas and re-attach it to the back of the frame. Heat transfer vinyl (the kind you have to iron on) is the easiest to use on canvas.

Wooden Panel

Personally I prefer to use wooden “artist panels” that have way nicer edges when you turn it around. The back is not canvas, but thin wood. I like to stain the edges like a frame and paint the back panel white or black. This works well with permanent vinyl.

Tin plaque / metal sign

This is one I really love: tin plaques that are already good to go! I want to use permanent vinyl on these so that they can be used outdoors. For this particular one I used the kind you iron on, that does work as well!

After these I want to try making wooden signs as well, like big planks or real solid wooden signs made from sheets and 1x2s. The possibilities are endless!

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