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Cricut Maker with starting bundle

I’m excited about some investments I’ve made for the business! After eyeing the expensive Cricut cutting machines (for vinyl decals, stencils, paper crafts etc.) for years, I finally took the plunge when Costco was selling the best Cricut, a Maker, with a starter bundle of materials. I went down the Cricut-rabbithole and purchased a bunch more tools and materials. I’m excited to expand Feel The Fire with these type of crafts!

Black Friday sales were not only good for extra Cricut materials, but Themeco also had a great deal for their main product, Pro, a WordPress theme and page builder. Now I had already been making a bunch of websites with their X Theme, purchasing a licence for each website. For a while I had been thinking of trying out the much more advanced and extensive Pro Theme. They came out with a lifetime licence and had a great deal on Black Friday, so I went and grabbed it! It’ll be a bit of a learning curve again to switch from X to Pro, but the possibilities are endless!

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