Into Eternity website

Into Eternity

Into Eternity is a progressive death metal band from Regina, SK, Canada. Some time after the release of their third album I became their webmaster in 2005. This is still one of my hobby/fan sites 🙂 At their request, I have registered 3 domain names and host the page in my accounts. Older versions:

Brainstorm website

Midnight Ghost

Brainstorm is a heavy metal band from the south of Germany. They’ve been around for decades and I’ve been making and maintaining their website since 1998. Each new album needed a new design, so the site evolved as I learned more each time. The first sites were in HTML with frames, then HTML with some PHP codes (e.g. to embed … Read More

Darktribe website

A new client all the way from France! They contacted me in 2012 because they liked the Brainstorm site so much, and I’ve been happy to have these great guys in the Feel The Fire family! It made the most sense that they would register their domain name and host their site with a French web host, so I helped … Read More

Final Darkness website

Final Darkness

Calgary, AB, Canada based Dark Brand Records recruited me for a new website in 2011 as owner Dave wanted to put more time into supporting and promoting metal bands again. Soon after he decided to concentrate on the new project of the very talented Rob Doherty, Final Darkness, and I was asked to design a website for them instead. Small … Read More

The Ben Winoski Project website

Ben Winoski is a Regina, SK, Canada based guitarist with many talents. After the Winoski & Horn website in 2010, Ben wanted me to create a web presence in 2011 for The Ben Winoski Project as well. Again a WordPress site, this time with light colours and a clean look. Ben prefers that I deal with registering his domain name … Read More