Valentine’s and other craft plans

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quilt and denim pillow

Of course sales quiet down after Christmas, people usually have less to spend and aside from birthdays, no huge events to buy gifts or home decor for. But, there are smaller holidays that are fun enough to acknowledge, buy little gifts for or add home decorations for!

Valentine’s Day

The first in the new year was Valentine’s Day. Although my hubby and I usually just celebrate it with a special dinner, there are many fun ways of surprising your special someone with a little something! Of course chocolates and candy are a favourite, and in the context of my craft skills: cards, mugs, signs, pillows and many more things with romantic sayings are very popular. Especially when personalized! For this year I focused on a few pillows. I made a few with a red truck with hearts, but also one with quilt and denim that is really nice year round (and is still for sale).

Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day

So now I have to think about what I would like to make for upcoming special days like Easter decor or gifts to celebrate the moms and dads out there. Bunnies with kids names? Baskets with names? Cereal bowls with word pun sayings? Mugs for moms and dads? The sky is the limit, but I haven’t decided yet 😉


In fact, my mind is kind of skipping that and is wandering into camping mode already. Oops! We’re still in the middle of winter here with -20°C and snow on the ground until at least April. But I have already started to design some camping-themed t-shirts and signs! (Not the ones in this example picture though 😉 )

Anyway, keep an eye on my Feel The Fire Facebook page or my ads on Facebook Marketplace (for now).

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